Friday, July 7, 2017

School trip to TimberNook

Hey bloggers yesterday 6th of july 2017 we went to TimberNook.  Me Noah and Fenix made a hut their we had lots of fun.  We also did cooking for cooking we made pikelets there were also some building tools and a building table.  Me and Noah were the builders of our hut we put tiles on the steps to make it look cool.  Fenix was the explorer of our hut he was the one who got the bits and pieces for me and Noah to build.  We had lots of people wanting to come and look in our hut because it was so cool.  Me Fenix and Noah worked so hard that we got a bit hungry so we got our lunch and had it our hut.  Then we all went in the forest and were exploring. I had found a stick that I liked it was my protection out in the wild. Here are some photos of TimberNook...

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  1. Hi Shikarn it is lacie in tawa class here did you have fun at timber nook?I did well done on this


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